Life Like The Weather

Just when you thought summer was around the corner, nature throws a curve ball. It was such a cold and windy day today. Great day to fly a kite.

Like the weather, life is never predictable. Sometimes when you think everything was going great, the pitcher throws you curved ball. Like in the case with my friend. I thought that he was feeling better and moving on with his life. But the recent news about his ex torments him. No matter how hard he can try to find the logic in what made her do what she did, he would fail because what she did was so irrational. It’s no use losing sleep over. She shows no remorse and is not losing any sleep. I just wish there was something more I can do, but I guess the best thing I can do is to listen, stand by him, and be there when he needs me, even if I have to go to hell and back.